Are you in need of a leave of absence? 

Leave of Absence and Accommodation Process

  1. Complete the New Leave Request form at www.leavesolutions.com/newleaverequest/ or reach out to your dedicated consultant, Lissa, at lissa@leavesolutions.com or 414-710-4263.
  2. Leave Solutions will reach out to you with any follow up questions and instructions within one business day.
  3. Watch for a packet in the mail or via email from Leave Solutions with instructions and forms for you and your health care provider to complete.
  4. Give the required forms to your health care provider and ask them to fax them to Leave Solutions at 866-780-1243.
  5. Leave Solutions will review the information from your provider and reach out to you with any questions.
  6. Leave Solutions will call you with the decision and follow up with a written confirmation.

Pay Information

FMLA is an unpaid leave, however, you will receive compensation for any unused PTO.

Leave of Absence and Accommodation Instructions

Benefit Deduction Information
You will be required to pay for any missed benefit deductions during or upon return from your leave of absence. Please watch for a letter from AWP Safety with instructions for making payments during your leave or for your payments to be taken in arrears after returning to work. Please submit your response to this letter as soon as possible to ensure proper processing. If payments are not made timely, your group health insurance may be canceled, provided that your employer notifies you in writing at least 15 days before the date that your health coverage will lapse. Please reach out to the Benefits Department for additional questions.

Changes to Your Leave of Absence
Please notify Leave Solutions if there are any changes to the estimated frequency or duration of your leave of absence or changes to your accommodation needs.