Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars from your paycheck to cover qualified expenses you would normally pay out of your pocket. We offer two types of FSAs.

Healthcare FSA

The healthcare FSA helps you pay IRS-approved medical expenses. The maximum contribution for 2024 is $3,200*. Funds you elect to contribute to the healthcare FSA are available in full on the first day of the plan year. For example, if you elect to contribute $1,000, the full election is available on day one. You can only open an FSA if you aren’t enrolled in an HDHP.

Dependent Care FSA

The dependent care FSA helps you pay for dependent care. You can contribute up to $5,000* (or $2,500* if married and filing separately) per plan year. Your account works like a debit card; you need to accumulate the funds before you can use them.

Use It or Lose It

Carefully consider your FSA contribution amounts for the plan year. At the end of the year or grace period, you lose any money left over in your FSA.

* These limits are subject to change. Visit www.irs.gov for more information.


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