We partner with Lincoln Financial to offer you Short Term and Long Term Disability coverage. You are eligible to purchase this coverage at affordable group rates.

Short Term Disability

You are eligible to purchase short term disability (STD) insurance to replace a portion of your income until you get back on your feet and return to work. The plan covers 60% of your pre-disability earnings for up to 13 weeks to a weekly maximum benefit amount of $1,000 dollars. There is an 8-day waiting period for coverage to begin for sickness or accident.

Prior to STD coverage beginning, PTO will be utilized.
Keep in mind, if you decline STD upon your first offer, you will be required to fill out an EOI to elect in the future.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability (LTD) is insurance to replace a portion of your income in the event you’re unable to work for an extended period. The plan covers 60% of your pre-disability earnings up to a specified monthly maximum starting after a period of 90 days of disability and continues up to the maximum benefit period. Refer to your Benefits Guide for more details.

Important Disability Insurance Terms

Pre-existing Condition: If you have a medical condition that begins before your coverage takes effect, and you receive treatment for this condition within the three months leading up to your coverage start date, you may not be eligible for benefits for that condition until you have been covered by the plan for 12 months.

Coverage Period for Your Occupation: 24 months. After this initial period, you may be eligible to continue receiving benefits if your disability prohibits you from performing any occupation for which you are reasonably suited through your training, education, and experience. In this case, your benefits may be extended through the end of your maximum benefit period.

Maximum Benefit Period: Up to age 65 or Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA), whichever is later.