AWP Safety offers a comprehensive benefits program that allows you to choose the benefits that are best for you. Please review your plan documents for more details.

Overview of Eligibility for Benefits

Covering Yourself

As a newly eligible FT benefit eligible employee (working on average 30 hrs. or more per week), you are eligible to elect in the coverage that AWP Safety offers for you and your benefit eligible dependents. Your new hire enrollment window to elect in benefit offerings as a new employee is 30 days from your date of hire. If you do not elect any benefit coverages during your 30-day window as detailed during your onboarding paperwork, you must wait until the next annual open enrollment period to elect in coverage for yourself and your benefit eligible dependents. See additional information found here. Please login to UKG, navigate to Myself/Life Events/and select “I’m a new hire” to get started! It’s that easy!

Eligibility Documentation

Please be prepared to enter benefit eligible dependent information prior to the new hire enrollment process within the UKG portal. This includes date of birth, gender, social security numbers for all individuals enrolling under your AWP Safety benefit coverages. If the benefit eligible dependents are not captured in UKG prior to enrollment, you will not be able to move forward in the enrollment process.

Please click on the instructions here.

PLEASE NOTE!  By adding your dependents into your contact information in UKG does NOT constitute enrollment in any of the benefit plans.  You must enroll them in the benefit coverages during the new hire event process.  This also includes any and all Qualifying Life Event Enrollments.

If the information is missing, you will dependent eligibility information during enrollment, including dates of birth and Social Security numbers. Other documentation may be required depending on your elections.

AWP Safety New Hire

Welcome to the AWP team! To become eligible for benefits as a new team member, you must first work a set number of days/hours. Review your benefits guide for specific details. Your benefits begin on the first day of the month following eligibility.

Annual Open Enrollment

Our annual Open Enrollment Election window is open only for a short period of time in early November, for benefits (if elected) would be effective for your coverage needs beginning on January 1st for the following year. It is important to keep in mind, during the Annual Open Enrollment window (held in November for benefits effective January 1st) is only opportunity to change current benefit coverage(s), elect new benefit coverage(s), drop and/or change during this one time election window for you and your benefit eligible dependents.  When the Annual Open Enrollment election window is available, please watch your emails on file with AWP Safety for further information.

Life and Family Status Changes

Life or family changes sometimes require you to change your benefits outside of Open Enrollment. Following IRS regulations, you can make changes to your benefits that are consistent with your life or family status change within 30 days of the date that the status change occurred. If you miss the 30-day enrollment period, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment to make changes.

In most cases, you may not change the benefit carrier or option (e.g., UHC PPO to UHC HDHP Plan), but you may modify the level of your coverage (e.g., employee and spouse to family coverage).

Supporting documentation to verify a status change, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or proof of new coverage, is required. Review the AWP QLE Matrix for further information.

 If you experience a qualifying life or family status change, but do not yet have the required supporting documentation, please do not wait to request the change in UKG until you receive it. You can follow up with the Benefit team at AWP (benefits@awpsafety.com)  and send the documentation in UKG within 30 days of making the elections.

Follow these Life Event Instructions to enroll.